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“Drunk”: intoxicated [with joy]; excited or elated to the point of enthusiasm

With Drunk Yoga®’s virtual experiences, we’ve created fun, social and beginner-friendly yoga classes artfully designed by our team of Professional Spirit(s)-Lifters to foster a sense of belonging and joy through inclusivity in a “let your hair down and shake off the stress” kind of way. We’re passionate about helping you to connect with your people from afar, because feeling purposeful in community makes you happy…and happiness is health. (We promise smiles and laughter. Lots of laughter.)

Select from one of the experience offerings:

  • Signature Drunk Yoga® (Virtual Happy Hour Yoga)

  • Coffee Yoga™ (Exactly what it sounds like!)

  • Connect n’ Stretch (…Less yoga, more stretching, same fun!)

  • Espresso Yo-Self (Shorter, express yoga or stretch class with coffee in-hand + extra interactive games for maximum laughter!)

  • Chair Yoga + Meditation (Perfect for quick conference breaks!)

  • Shake Your Ass-ana (Cardio Dance meets Drunk Yoga®)

Yoga mat and beverage of choice is required. 



132 Adams St. 

Suite 8

Newton, MA 02458

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