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Looking for approachable, fun ways to enhance your teams' wellbeing while working from home?

INARA's scent meditations focus on the power of smell, our most emotionally connected and intuitive sense, to help your teams meditate. Designed in collaboration with a perfumer, wellness expert and neuroscientist, our Scent Meditation uses observation, visualization and memory recall to calm, ground and recenter their mind and body.

Here are the top 3 reasons to book a class:

1. Reduces stress, improves focus and productivity
2. Science-backed technique designed by a neuroscientist, perfumer and & wellness expert.
3. Comes with a beautiful scent kit, which employees can use beyond the class for longer-term health benefits.

Experience Details

The experience is 60 min in total.

We will start the class with a brief introduction on the science of olfaction and the relationship between scent & the brain. Then we will guide the group through the Scent Meditation. At the end of the workshop we will have some time for the group to share their experience and how they feel.

Our scent kit includes our INARA Signature Scent as well as a Sage and Palo Santo incense for everyone to prepare & scent their space before diving into the experience.


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