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What is restorative yoga? It is a passive practice that involves laying on the floor in various positions, often supported by props like pillows and blankets, with the goal of stress/tension reduction, and relaxation. 

What do you need? A little big of floor or wall space will serve you well as we take time to decompress. Any and all levels of yoga experience are welcome, beginners and experts will walk away with tips and techniques they can replicate to feel good long after this experience is over. 

What to expect? You can expect to think and move outside the box, try new things, or try old things in a new way. My sequencing is both creative and smart, rooted in biomechanics, with a mixture of precision and exploration. I also have a deep appreciation for mindfulness practices like restorative yoga and sound baths. I lead meditations using singing bowls, gongs, and chimes with the goal of diving into the subtlety of listening.

Experience Details

  • Participants will benefit from access to the following props: lacross or tennis ball, blankets, pillows, a few thick books or yoga blocks, and a little wall space or the back of a sturdy door. 

  • No lead time is required to book


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