Self Hosted DIY Game

Group Size

Experience Overview

JigsawPuzzles.io is a great way to collaboratively solve puzzles together while miles apart. No more crowding around the table fighting for pieces! You can all work on the same puzzle from the comforts of home. If this is your first puzzle online with your team we recommend starting with around 70/80 pieces before working your way up to harder puzzles. It should go fast but is a great way to scratch that itch to get teams wanting to go again! 

How it works

How to set it up for your team

1) Visit https://jigsawpuzzles.io/

2) Create an Account (Don’t worry its free)

3) Go to Catalog and choose an image you want to do for your puzzle

4) Setup Puzzle (make sure to select a number of pieces that makes sense. If its your first time start off easy with around 70 pieces)

5) Then setup a video call and invite your team to the puzzle and the call and you are ready to go!



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