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A cross between pictionary and hangman skribbl is a fun free multiplayer drawing guessing game. For each challenge there is one drawer who is given 3 words to choose which one to draw and everyone else is guessing. The number of letters in the word are up top and partway through a letter or 2 may be given as hints. 

Guess quickly because points are awarded based on how quickly you guess the drawing or everyone guesses your drawing! 

How it works

How to set it up for your team

1) Go to

2) Select Create a Private Room

3) Sit through the Ad (its a free game they have to make money somehow!)

4) Choose the settings of your game and add in any custom words if you would like. This can be a great way to make it customized to your team. (the default settings of 3 rounds 80 seconds work great)

5) Select the link at the bottom of the page and send it out to your team

6) When everyone has joined click start game and you are playing!

7) There is a chat feature but this is definitely more fun if there is a video chat going on at the same time 


132 Adams St. 

Suite 8

Newton, MA 02458

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