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How it works

At the agreed upon time, all players will click a link and gather in a Zoom meeting. After making sure everyone is good  to go technically, game co-creator Dennis Hensley will give a quick overview, explaining that the game plays out in three steps: 1) A question is posed to all players, like "What was your first concert and what do you remember about it?"  and players submit answers via a special webapp on their smartphones. 2) The answers are mixed up and presented. 3) Players take turns guessing who said what. 

Then we'll dive right into the first round, with Dennis talking you through every step of the way.  Once an answer is correctly guessed, Dennis asks the person who wrote it a few fun follow-up questions...then the guessing continues until all answers have been revealed. We do as many rounds as the two-hour time block allows.

At the end of the game, the person with the most correct guesses is declared the winner. But everyone feels like a winner because they got to laugh a lot and learn things about the other players that they didn't know before, whether they're strangers or if they've been married too each other for 30 years! There's also great pleasure to be had in remembering and sharing things about your own life that you haven't thought about in years. It all adds up to an experience that's fresh, fun & hilariously life-affirming, meaningful in a way that say, a trivia quiz would not be. 

We'll cater the questions in the game to your people. Let us know which type you would like: G RATED: Great for families with younger players. PG RATED: All adults but still safe for work PG-13: All Adults but a little more on the provocative side (still way less edgy than Cards Against Humanity).

We also offer a You Don't Know My Life! experience for larger groups where questions are submitted to the attendees days in advance. like a survey...and we create a pup quiz like experience from the answers we get back. Still, lots of opportunity to bond and share fun stories.

Experience Details

• YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE! CLASSIC - This is the version played with a group of 5 to 15 players, very similar to how the boxed game would be played around the table. It requires no preparation on your end except that players have their phones handy to enter answers as they watch the game on Zoom.

• YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE! SUPER-SIZED - This is a great option for a larger groups (from 15 people on up). This version takes some preparation. Based on a short consultation with the client, we'd create a short list of questions that participants would answer like an online survey a few days before the event. Then we create a multiple choice pub-like quiz based on the answers from the survey.  


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