Improbable Escapes

Self Hosted DIY Game

Group Size
2-200 in teams of 3-8

Experience Overview

How it works

There will be a game proxy physically in the room who will be your hands and live streaming video to your team. You will need to work together to escape! 

In addition to the video you will receive a link to a unique webpage for your room with close up images from within the room to help find a way out.

Select from one of the Missions below:

1) Seven Dwarfs: Mining Mission

One year has passed since the seven dwarves helped Snow White defeat the evil queen, and now they’ve retired to a quiet cottage deep in the forest. But happily ever after is never that easy, and evil is rising once again! The evil queen’s followers plan to use the poison apple to bring about her malevolent return. Snow White has tasked you to destroy the devious fruit once and for all, and rumour has it that the only way to rid the world of its evil is to cast it into the very centre of the earth.

Now it falls to you to save the day.  Answer the call, hoist your pickaxe, and prepare to dig deeper than ever before to defeat the evil queen!

2) Neverland: Heist on the High Seas

Adventure on the high seas!
The notorious Captain Hook has captured your group and locked you in the brig, deep in the bowels of The Jolly Roger. When dawn breaks the nefarious villain will make you walk the plank, but a new friend has offered you a way out… and she knows where Hook keeps his treasure map. While the crew sleeps you’ll take control of the ship, set a course for the second star to the right and head straight on ‘til morning! You have 60 minutes to dodge Hook’s clutches, find your way to Neverland and escape with riches untold.

Don’t delay.  As those familiar with Neverland will know… the clock is ticking.

3) Cure for the Common Zombie

The zombie apocalypse moved surprisingly fast.

It’s been months since a nuclear accident created a mutated strain of the common cold, unleashing an undead epidemic that spread like wildfire.  Billions are undead, society as we know it is gone, and the last survivors huddle in colonies where every day, the living learn to envy the dead.  One by one, the last bastions of humanity are being overrun.
But there are rumours of a cure.  Wandering madmen, insane with desperation spread word of a research facility that might be mankind’s last hope, hidden in the most frozen reaches of the deadliest place on earth.

You and your team are the human race’s last chance. Infiltrate the polar outpost, find the cure, and release it to save humanity.

But be quick.  Zombies eat your brain in 60 minutes.

Experience Details

  • Each game Accommodates 2-7 players. Larger groups breakup into teams.

  • This game will be played from your home via an internet connection. You must have high-speed internet.

  • You will be guiding your in-room proxy via voice commands, and you will see what they see.

  • You will need a computer or smart device with access to Zoom. Please download Zoom in advance 

  • We recommend that you use one device for zoom, and one device to follow along on our website.

  • Make sure you have a pen and paper with you - it’ll help!

  • Games are in Eastern Standard Time.


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