3 Pack Wellness Journeys

$350.00 / pcs

Total: $350.00


Our 7 workshops encompass the key emotions and behaviors you will need to master at work to take your career to the next level.Through guided breathwork, meditation and sound, we will create new positive associations between a specific scent and the desired emotion. Designed by a perfumer, wellness expert and neuroscientist, these journeys will create neural pathways, unlocking the scents’ health and emotional benefits. By better managing your emotions at work (overcoming stress, communicating more effectively, empathizing with others, etc), you will become a stronger leader, better able to navigate through today’s challenges and empower your teams and organization to long-term success. 7 Journeys: 1- Grounding & Balance 2- Passion & Creativity 3- Confidence & Empowerment 4- Compassion & Heart-Centered Leadership 5- Authentic Self-Expression & Communication 6- Intuition, Vision & Innovation 7- Harmony, Unity & Transformation 60min total: Intro on Scent, Brain & Emotions (10min), Breathwork (5min), Scent + Sound Meditation (25min), 1-on-1 Sharing (10min), Group Discussion & Open Share (10min) Here are the top 3 reasons to book a class: 1. Boost your emotional intelligence 2. Science-backed technique designed by a neuroscientist, perfumer and & wellness expert. 3. Comes with a beautiful scent kit, which employees can use beyond the class for longer-term health benefits.