Virtual Experience

Handmade Pasta With An Italian Chef

Hosted by Ciao Evento

$105 / person

Group Size

10 to 500

Time needed

1 hour

Event Type


$105 / person This event requires at least 10 participants.

Isn’t handmade pasta what real Italians are known for?! Pasta Making is truly an art form that takes years to master, but only takes an hour or so to get a hang of. Our classes focus on making traditional shapes such as Cavatelli and Orecchiette. We are SO excited to share this amazing, and delicious tradition with you!

How It Works

Participants will learn to make some of the most traditional Italian pasta by hand without the use of any complex equipment, the only pasta machine needed is your hands! This virtual event kit comes with sauce so we can enjoy the pasta after the instructional portion has concluded.

Kit Contents

This kit contains: 2 LB Semolina Wheat Durum 1 Jar of tomato basil or pesto sauce (participants choice) Gluten free flour available on request.

Shipping Details

The cost to ship inside the contiguous United States is included in the listed cost. International shipping is not available at this time.

Things You'll Need

Please have on hand the following: Medium sized pot Medium sized mixing bowl Butter knife cutting board or a clean working surface Water Salt

How To Join

You will join this event with a Zoom link provided by your host.

Evento is a leader in virtual culinary experiences. Our classes are not only about learning to create delicious authentic dishes, we also make sure all participants have a blast while with us! We host both online and in person (be in touch directly about in person) classes. We have cooked with 1000s of people and top companies worldwide. Evento is about sharing our passion and love for cooking with all of our sous chefs! There is a reason why many of our clients choose to cook with us repeatedly. We create memorable experiences, and we’d love to add you to our cooking community!


$105 / person This event requires at least 10 participants.


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