Virtual Experience

A Superb Bowl of Trivia

Hosted by Watson Adventures

$45 / person

Group Size

25 to 600

Time needed

1 hour 15 minutes

Event Type


$45 / person This event requires at least 25 participants.

Huddle up with your team and score big in this new trivia game for fans of the Super Bowl and football trivia—as well as people who don’t know an end zone from a friend zone.

How It Works

Take the field with friends or colleagues to compete in five rounds of questions and challenges that test your teamwork and brain power—and while the theme is inspired by the Super Bowl, you’ll be tackling a lot more than just football trivia. Because the game isn’t all about sports knowledge, anyone can compete and win! You’ll meet with our Host on Zoom, then head into team breakout rooms to answer questions in our custom, browser-based app. Each round encourages discussion that lets you work out the answers, and have fun while you do. This virtual Super Bowl trivia game drives you and your colleagues from one end zone to the other in an engaging activity that builds bonds, raises morale, and tells Zoom fatigue to hit the showers. The friendly competition will have your group feeling victorious, and the positive impact will live on in your future meetings.

Things You'll Need

A desktop or laptop computer A smartphone

How To Join

The group will meet via Zoom, through a link sent to you prior to the event. This you should access on a desktop computer or laptop. To see the questions and enter answers, you will also need a smartphone, with the game accessed via any browser.

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$45 / person This event requires at least 25 participants.


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