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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

If you have a happy employee that means that they are less likely to leave, are motivated by the company’s mission and vision and produce better quality work. Here are four ways to keep your employees happy:

  • Create Trust - If any employee trusts their team they are less likely to be stressed at their job because they have a support group they can rely on if things are not going their way. It also creates a culture that allows employees to ask for help and ask questions which can head off big issues before they get too big. A great way to build trust is to have employees have shared experiences such as team building activities

  • Recognize Their Good Work - Employees want to feel like their work is appreciated and recognized. Appreciation is key to employee engagement and happiness. With recognition should come a reward but money may not be the best motivator. Rewards can be all types of things including money so be thoughtful on how you want to reward employees.

  • Communicate both ways - Managers need to be able to communicate to their employees and if they can’t it leads to a whole host of problems. The other side of this is that employees also want a voice and managers need to listen. Two way communication builds trust, respect and creates opportunities for the company to improve. Employees feel happy and motivated to work if they feel like they have a voice and the goals and responsibilities are clearly communicated. Sometimes it takes doing something outside of the office to get an employee to open up.

  • Provide Training And Resources - An employee who feels supported and has the proper training is much more successful than an employee who is under resourced and not provided training. In an environment where training is lacking employee turnover is high. One issue many companies run into is they provide resources but employees are not taking advantage. Make sure if you provide training and resources they are being utilized.

ReElivate is a platform connecting employees using experiences. Our platform creates the tools for managers to schedule, plan inclusive events and takes the burden off of them so they can focus on their day job.

Jon Conelias is the CEO of ReElivate. Jon has been a CFO and Operator for the past 15 years of marketplace companies focused on both B2B and B2C channels.

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