Is everyone sick of video calls yet? How to create connections in the world of Covid

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

If you are getting Zoom Fatigue what are some ways to spice it up and make genuine connections with teammates that don't feel forced. In the pre-covid world we found that time and time again the top thing employees would say as their favorite memories at a company were not business achievements but things they did with each other: company events, scavenger hunts, escape the rooms, halloween parties etc. So how do you replicate that virtually to make connections like that in a covid environment. Below are 3 tips we have found that make the difference between a group event that people look forward to vs. an obligation they are dreading.

to decrease turnover, increase inclusion and ultimately make you employees happy:

1: Create events where employees are doing a common thing together. I know another zoom call but to us the big difference is utilizing your other senses beyond just looking at a screen and doing something together collectively which will make it feel different. Depending on your team this may be all doing the same fitness class together, or learning to cook the same meal together or playing a game together.

2: Plan ahead and make sure the event appeals to everyone if possible. Just saying let’s have drinks or coffee and not talk about work feels forced and not memorable and can exclude people. Typically the extroverts will overwhelm these meetings and/or conversation will be choppy with some awkward stops. There is just something different about having 6 people on a video call vs. 6 people in a room that makes it feel less natural and means just saying let's get together is not enough to have a fun time. It requires a little bit more planning when its done virtually.

3: Create a learning environment. If people are learning a new skill together, new things about each other etc. it takes them out of their comfort zone and they are bonding over learning that together. This can even be work focused including taking an education class as a group. This brings teams together but also improves someone’s skills. Employees love learning together and advancing their careers.

ReElivate is a platform connecting employees using experiences. Our platform creates the tools for managers to schedule, plan inclusive events and takes the burden off of them so they can focus on their day job.

Jon Conelias is the CEO of ReElivate. Jon has been a CFO and Operator for the past 15 years of marketplace companies focused on both B2B and B2C channels.

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