It isn’t impossible to please everyone with a team event

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Planning team events is a pain in the butt without the proper support. It is outside of your daily role, you are guessing at what your employees want to do, stuck with a limit or minimal budget and the feedback is always mixed afterward. How do you possibly make the event enjoyable for everyone? Here are three steps to improve the quality, inclusiveness and ease in planning the event.

  1. Get input from the group on the types of things they like to do. Not everyone enjoys hanging out at a bar. This is easy using our tool to survey the group and suggest activities that are within budget.

  2. Schedule during a convenient time for everyone. Sometimes this means it will be during work hours as people have other obligations during evening hours that make it difficult to do things after work. If it is scheduled during work hours then it also won’t be looked at as an additional thing that needs to be attended. We have a free tool to help schedule for a time that works for everyone.

  3. Thinks outside the box. New experiences create much stronger memories and make for a much more exciting event. At ReElivate we have a broad spectrum of events that fit into any budget. Our matching technology will help suggest events that your group will love.

With these three simple steps you can create a much more enjoyable, inclusive and trust building event.

ReElivate is a platform connecting employees using experiences. Our platform creates the tools for managers to schedule, plan inclusive events and takes the burden off of them so they can focus on their day job.

Jon Conelias is the CEO of ReElivate. Jon has been a CFO and Operator for the past 15 years of marketplace companies focused on both B2B and B2C channels.

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