Empathy 101

Hosted By:

David Sauvage

$750 Group Rate
1 Hour
Group Size

Experience Overview

In Empathy 101, your team will get an introduction to empathy. What is It? Why does it matter? When do you apply it? And how to maintain a healthy company culture based on it? This session is led by David Sauvage, a teacher and trainer of empathy and emotional intelligence.

How it works

The class is a balance of presentation and Q&A. David lays out basic principles of empathy. Then after each principle, he pauses and answers questions. At the end, he'll answer any questions related specifically to the challenges employees are facing.

Your Host

David Sauvage

David Sauvage is a teacher and trainer of empathy and emotional intelligence. He consults with companies to help them scale empathy and integrate EQ into their DNA. He worked with Four Seasons Hotels to create training modules for employees and consulted with Coca-Cola on how to shift their brand message to empathy. David has also created entertaining and culture-shifting experiences around empathy. He has been featured in the Guardian, Vice, NBC News and other outlets.



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