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Hosted By:

Pete Bendoris

$70 Per Person
1 Hour
Group Size

Experience Overview

Afraid to cook? Don't know where to start? The Nosh Philosh is that anyone can learn to cook. Our tagline is Eat. Drink. Savor. We promote our tagline through cooking simply with low effort and low stress. Our experience will lay out a repeatable system for you. Together, we'll prepare a meal with three elements: a protein, a starch and a vegetable. And we'll put a meal on the table in less than an hour and pair some wines with it.

How it works

Open with a cocktail to have people relax, some intros will be made.  Then we will describe the menu/meal formulation and timing.  Followed by cooking of a protein, a veggie and a starch.

Experience Details

  • For 15 or less participants - $70 per person, 16 or more, $65 per person

  • Experience expected to run 45 minutes to 1 hour

  • Cocktails to start and intros and meal plan to follow

  • 14 day advance notice is required prior to an experience to allow for delays in shipping for ingredients and other items.

  • Prior to the experience, an ingredients list will be sent to all attendees along with two wine recommendations (wines can be procured for participants depending on availability and location) and an ingredent kit for one element of the meal.  

Your Host

Pete Bendoris

Pete Bendoris is a self-taught and accomplished home cook, beer and wine enthusiast. From his humble beginnings eating his Mom’s horrible meatloaf and canned peas, and his Dad’s love of crappy beer, Pete took matters into his own hands and changed his trajectory. As he grew into an adult, he first focused on making great tasting, simple home cooked meals and then later began to pair them with low cost, great tasting wines. With no perfectionist ideals (or even a fancy kitchen), his genuine, laid-back, real life approach to low stress cooking and wine pairing is for everyone.

Besides cooking, Pete is an avid gardener, homebrewer, cidermaker and fledgling charcuterier.

After his full-time 27-year banking career was cut short by the COVID-19 economic slowdown in the Spring of 2020, Great American Nosh was born.



132 Adams St. 

Suite 8

Newton, MA 02458

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