Musical Wine Tasting

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Five Senses Tastings

Starting at $1,750
90 Minutes
Group Size
10 to 50

Experience Overview

Our full-sensory tasting experiences encourage guests to "switch off to switch on" while engaging all five senses. Through carefully paired live music, wine, and delicious food and sweet treats, we unite our senses in perfect harmony and bring each client's personal or brand story to life.

How it works

Think of this as a wine tasting… on steroids! Each of our events is divided into two (or three acts), and each act is guided by a wine, cheese, and chocolate pairing, then brought together in sensory unity through carefully chosen musical selections. Our music covers a wide range of time periods and genres, and brings out the essence and personality of the tasting elements and, most importantly, your particular brand and company story. Each guest will be sent the tasting elements, and we’ll join together on Zoom.

Experience Details

We ship 2 or 3 bottles of wine (depending if you’ve chosen 60 or 90 minutes). 

Certain states cannot receive shipments of alcohol due to federal law.

Cheese and chocolate ship separately due to the need for refrigeration.

Food and beverage costs are determined on a case by case basis and are based on the tasting elements selected.

We need 14 days minimum to guarantee delivery of tasting elements.

Your Host

Five Senses Tastings

Five Senses Tastings combines the art of storytelling with the power of the five senses to create transformational, full-sensory events that infuse our lives with moments of beauty and discovery.

We hold that beauty is not a luxury, but a requirement for our well-being, and it is therefore our mission to counter any tendencies towards complacency and apathy with intention and the energy of our five senses to encourage full engagement with ourselves and the world in which we live.

Partnering with world-class musicians, chefs, sommeliers, and other flavor artists, professional opera singer, Founder, and Chief Event Composer, Kala Maxym, weaves a diverse and delicious global narrative that unites music, wine, food, and sweet treats in perfect harmony while telling our clients’ unique personal and brand stories. Through purposeful and heart-directed guidance, we believe all can be inspired and transformed through the power of sensory engagement.


132 Adams St. 

Suite 8

Newton, MA 02458

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