The Art of Felting

Hosted By:

The Felted Acorn

$60 Per Person
90 Minutes
Group Size

Experience Overview

Who knew stabbing something over and over again could be so cute? Transform natural fibers into a whimsical grey owl or custom holiday decor with the traditional art of needle felting. Simply start with fluffy wool, a foam block, and a needle. As you poke the wool knits together to create a 3D object.

How it works

Needling felting kits complete with everything you need to create will be shipped to you in advance. Your host Isabel will guide you through the basics of how to create, from there your imagination is your only limit. No prior experience is necessary. The stress relieving art of needle felting is as engaging as it is therapeutic.

Experience Details

  • Choose to create a felted owl or a snow person. 

  • 14 days notice is required for shipping 

  • No prior experience needed, all levels of skill welcome!

Your Host

The Felted Acorn

Isabel was introduced to felting as a child attending Waldorf School and later rediscovered felting as a therapeutic art form. Today inspired by her environment and her elementary students, Isabel crafts for the love of it! She offers felted fairies, dolls, treasure pouches, bracelets, holiday decorations, landscape “paintings,” and nature table pieces.


132 Adams St. 

Suite 8

Newton, MA 02458

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