• 305 Fitness

    Deemed “rave-meets-workout,” 305 Fitness is an underground non-stop dance cardio workout that infuses dance moves, sports drills, and high-intensity interval training. Classes feature a DJ set and rhythmic light show. Studios are located in New York City, Boston, and Washington D.C., with pop-up experiences in L.A, Chicago, and San Francisco.

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  • Acquire

    Acquire is a hospitality company centered on bringing people together over food and wine. Whether in person, or virtually, Acquire's team members are experts at creating the ultimate guest experience. In the virtual space, we ship tasting kits complete with three half bottles of wine, cheese, caviar, etc directly to your doorstep and then meet online to facilitate fun and engaging activities. Our in person events bring in some of the most talented Chefs and Sommeliers in the business to execute intimate events.

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  • Anja Lee & Company

    Chef Anja Lee has been passionate about bringing people together to eat delicious, healthy food since she was little. She is on a lifelong mission to help people eat nourishing and satisfying food to feel energized and happy in their bodies. She has traveled the world to learn about international foods, how to cook them, and why cultures thrive off of certain foods. Dishes made with and by Chef Anja Lee are always creative and delicious, and are made with close attention to the health of the planet and our bodies. Through Anja Lee and Company, Anja and her team bring tons of fun and unique corporate event options to clients nationwide!

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  • AntiSocial Skills

    The Anti-Social Skills Team has written for and appeared on Conan, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Comedy Central, The Onion, Funny Or Die, series like Broad City, major Hollywood films, and The Tonight Show. Not only is our game written by some of America’s funniest comedy writers - they will be hosting your game!

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  • Apollo Guide

    My name is Roberto. I'm one of the founder of Apollo guide a small team of archaeologist and art historian! I am an archaeologist and an authorized guide of Italy. Since I was a child I loved history. I have worked as an archaeologist all over the Mediterranean sea and nowadays I lead people to discover the ancient history and beauty of Pompeii, the famous site buried by the eruption of the Vesuvius in 79 AD. Since 2020 I created this Online Experience of Pompeii that is featured on Vogue, Travel+ Lesure, Vanity Fair, BuzzFeed and more! I'm honored to have hosted more than 5000+ guests and companies from all over the world to Pompeii with my online and in person experiences. Yana, Giada and Luca are my co-hosts in this online experience that we are delivering in English, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

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  • Bardega Cocktails

    Great cocktails can be made by anyone, for everyone, and
    enjoyed everywhere. Making a cocktail shouldn’t require
    a degree in science, a secret knock, or a dress code. All it
    takes is an inquisitive mind, a wondrous spirit, and vigor
    in your shake.

    Bardega inspires creativity and confidence with a shaker,
    making you the best ingredient. Our boxes aren’t a
    moment in time that ends when the cocktail is done,
    they’re a learning experience. Each box explores
    fun ingredients, flavor combinations, and techniques for
    you to experiment with and share.

    The cocktail culture embraces all the good stuff -
    companionship, good vibes, & inquiring minds.
    B e m e s s y. G e t w e i r d . H a v e f u n.

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  • Bar None Games

    Bar None Games is a business focused on creating fun and engaging connections for when people can't get together in person. Our virtual games act as the perfect opportunities for people who are distanced to connect virtually, as the collaboration that the games encourage creates connections that carry over into the broader day-to-day environment. We hire top-tier entertainers, many of whom are actors or Broadway stars, who entertain and engage with our event attendees to make sure everyone is laughing and having a great time!

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  • Bean N Bean

    We're Rachel and Jiyoon Han, the Mother Daughter Q Grader Duo™ behind every coffee that gets served at Bean N Bean. Since opening the first shop on Rector and Broadway in 2008, we've grown Bean N Bean to four locations, now with a roastery in Queens, New York.

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  • Beat The Bomb

    BEAT THE BOMB is the world’s first immersive social video game company. Our first location in Brooklyn has served close to 100,000 customers in its first 2 years of operations, and now, three of our top games are available online! Customers range from corporate groups doing team-building, bachelorette parties, kids birthdays and more. Beat The Bomb has over 1,000 4.8 Star Reviews on Google and was featured on NBC's Today Show.

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  • Belden Barns

    What happens when a New York City girl and a Colorado farm boy fall in love, start a family and quit there go-go professional careers to raise their kids in a family wine business. Named as One of Sonoma County’s most compelling new wineries of the last decade by Forbes magazine, Belden Barns makes some of Sonoma's most unique (and scrumptious) wines.

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  • Ben Whiting

    Ben Whiting is an award winning speaker, magician, and actor whose career spans fthe Las Vegas Strip to New York’s Off-Broadway playhouses. He’s had multiple television appearances in the United States and England, and was voted 2018 Red Hot Best corporate entertainer by Traverse Magazine. Known internationally for his humor, originality, and ability to connect with his audiences, Ben will combine these skills with his background in theatre to offer you an entertainment experience second to none. His clients include Crystal Cruises, American Express, GE, Oprah’s HARPO Studios, and now … you!

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  • Blue Ribbon

    Since 1995, Blue Ribbon Cooking School has been at the forefront of the Seattle food and entertaining scene, changing with the times, the trends and the needs of our clientele.

    Over the years our motive has been to bring the family back to the dining room table to enjoy homemade meals together. We’ve not only accomplished our objective with the vast variety of hands-on cooking classes and events that we host but we have also expanded upon it.

    After many requests we began a catering segment of our business that specializes in elegant catered events for both private and corporate clients. We have become most known for our bountiful family-style catering that is regularly shared at weddings and other events throughout the Puget Sound area.

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  • Boston Sports Partners

    Boston Sports Partners is a full-service sports and entertainment marketing agency that provides customized solutions for its clients. Founded in 2020 by Rob Friedman and Joshua Milne, BSP uses the power of sports and entertainment to “Build Brands, Build Relationships, and Build Business.” BSP has a vast network of industry professionals who join the team as needed, providing support services to any project or program. For example, BSP has partnerships for NFL representation, esports, Health and Wellness, and other sports-focused verticals that build brand awareness and drive sales. With these resources at its fingertips, BSP is well-positioned to use the power of sports to enhance their brand, build relationships, and grow their business

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  • Caring Capital

    Since 2009 Caring Capital's mission has been to help companies connect with their communities by running team-building and service-centered events in which company employees make gifts for neighbors in need.

    More than 50,000 of our clients' employees worldwide have engaged with their colleagues while doing one of our approachable art-focused projects. Over the years, these generous volunteers have created more than 140,000 useful and uplifting gifts that have been donated to homeless shelters, domestic violence safe houses, hospitals, nursing homes, low income schools and child care centers, and other social services agencies that serve other such "vulnerable" populations. In 2020, many clients chose to donate gifts to lift spirits and show appreciation for the countless healthcare workers fighting against COVID-19.

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  • Caroline Karp Artist

    Being a performance artist at heart has led me to travel and paint establishing studios in DC, Kauai and my home base of Tampa Bay. My artwork takes on the flavor of the area reaching collectors that are in tune with the energy of expression being put out.

    As an observer of the land, the sea, the weather and the buildings, I embody the essence of the experience into my art.

    When in front of an audience whether I’m painting, hosting a podcast or retreat I create a sacred space. People are invited to share their hearts and souls, be authentic, feel connected and allow creativity to flow. I capture places and moments using an expressionistic perspective. I pull away from the realness intuitively focusing on suggestions of objects and how they interact with nature, light and even sound. I enjoy watching them notice how the light is hitting something at different parts of the day.

    In some ways, my life has been about four things. Art, spirituality, nature and the well-being of humankind. For me, making a painting is like falling in love. My work tends to be bold, and a lot of passion and emotion comes along with the process. It is the journey into the uncertainty, and it is an awakening of the heart.

    I'm honored that my paintings have been commissioned by people all around the world and hang on walls including celebrities such as super model Kate Upton and MLB player Justin Verlander.

    I host a weekly podcast called, Behind the Art Inspiration. It’s a conversational-style podcast where I show a sneak peek into the studio practices of all types of international artists.

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  • Chef German Villatoro & Michelle Villatoro

    Chef German Villatoro is a dynamic Executive Chef & Director of Culinary with over 25 years of experience in the industry. He has proven success in executing intimate to large events, menu concepts, kitchen design, virtual competitions, demos, and cooking classes.

    German’s accolades include being Executive Sous Chef at a top resort in the Caribbean and the winner of NYC Thrillist’s “Taco Takedown.” He has also been featured in GQ Magazine and was awarded Best Cookie in NYC at a Food & Wine competition, to name a few of his many accomplishments.

    Michelle Villatoro is a Master Facilitator with 15 years of proven success in learning and leadership development, as well as 7+ years as a certified Professional Coach. Michelle's integrated methodology supports leaders and helps high-growth organizations become the brands and employers of choice for their market.

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  • Christian H

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  • Ciao Evento

    Evento is a leader in virtual culinary experiences. Our classes are not only about learning to create delicious authentic dishes, we also make sure all participants have a blast while with us! We host both online and in person (be in touch directly about in person) classes. We have cooked with 1000s of people and top companies worldwide. Evento is about sharing our passion and love for cooking with all of our sous chefs! There is a reason why many of our clients choose to cook with us repeatedly. We create memorable experiences, and we’d love to add you to our cooking community!

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  • City Brew Tours

    We are a craft brewery tour business by trade, who transitioned to virtual experiences at the start of 2020. We have over 13 years of craft beer experience...experience! We're a group of home-brewers, cicerones, beer lovers, beer writers, and educators. Our joy is teaching the world about beer. We're an eight time TripAdvisor award winner.

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  • CityHUNT

    cityHUNT is the industry leader in team building scavenger hunts, we've pivoted into the virtual world 15 months ago and have had huge success with our virtual scavenger hunt experience. Our goal is always to keep people interacting and building new relationships through gamification and fun!

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  • Cocktails From Home

    Cocktails From Home is a 100% Virtual mixology business, based in Austin, TX. Launched in 2020 in response to the pandemic, we have hosted hundreds of events in that time. Offering corporate happy hours to Fortune 500 companies, as well as private events for birthday parties and celebrations.

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  • Cocoa + Co

    After corporate careers in marketing and advertising, Kim, founder of Cocoa + Co, has been incredibly fortunate to follow her passion for chocolate and loves sharing the stories of makers, tasting great new finds and exploring chocolate's history with participants via virtual events.

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  • Compass Outdoor Adventures

    At Compass Outdoor Adventures we play outside. We have fun and get people to laugh and enjoy themselves. We’re pros at logistics, adventure, and building teams through active, engaging experiences. In the new Covid world, we’re learning all kinds of new skills and bringing our level of excitement and engagement into the virtual world. It’s been a blast laughing with people from all over the world and letting them know that they’re not alone…

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  • Convers(ate)

    Created by two professional facilitators, Convers(ate) sparks connection with engaging and meaningful conversation. Our signature facilitation approach levels hierarchies, provides space for ideas, perspectives and personal stories and enables people to connect on a meaningful level. Our retail box set has been praised by, Parade and BizBash.

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  • CookWithJames

    We offer cooking and catering services including cooking class parties and private dinners like our mobile paella feasts. We feature Italian and Spanish inspired dishes of the highest quality, and use locally grown and artisan ingredients. Founder, James Stolich earned a masters in Spanish literature and linguistics through Middlebury College. He started, CookWithJames as an underground supper club. James would prepare multiple course regional Italian and Spanish dinners in his home for guests and friends. James staged at Quince restaurant after they opened in 2004, and has also lived and cooked in both Italy and Spain.

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  • Coolidge Yoga

    Coolidge Yoga aims to provide a supportive space so communities can practice yoga. We welcome people of all ages, abilities, and walks of life.

    Through the physical practice of yoga, individuals are granted the opportunity to slow down the mind by challenging the body. Combined with a focus on pranayama (breath-work), the asanas (postures) offer us an avenue to experience being fully present in the moment. It is our hope that each student leaves with a clear mind, an invigorated body, and an overall sense of well-being. It is our core belief that by practicing yoga and taking the time to nourish ourselves inside and out, we will lead healthier, happier lives. When we are nourished, we are better versions of ourselves for our family, friends, and colleagues, thus creating a happy and healthy community and work environment that is ready and willing to make changes for the better.

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  • Craft'd

    Craft'd Company is a craft beer events company. Over the past four years, we've hosted over 100 beer-centric events from taproom tastings to large-scale festivals. With COVID shutting down breweries and events in 2020, we've gone completely virtual with tastings on Instagram live which quickly evolved into private tastings for corporate, non-profit and social groups.

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  • Creative Learning Society

    We are a company who is determined to focus on FUN.
    We believe in the power of Play and the benefits that it brings to our lives.

    We strive to to Create Fun and Engaging events that enrich your day!
    We strive to Inspire you to step out of the box and try something new!
    We strive to Educate everyone on the Power of Play and the
    importance of including Play in your life whether you are 4 or 104 years old!

    Beth, the Chief Creative Officer is an accomplished learning professional. She spent more that 20 years in the Corporate world working on supporting the employees of her companies. As a Director Of Education she focused on building the people who built the business. She successfully earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Education from Texas State University and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from the University of Houston. After 20 plus years she felt driven to do more and dream of an environment where FUN would be at the forefront rather than the financials. Creative Learning Society was built to create an outlet for not just companies but for individuals to realize that not everything in life should be taken too seriously. Creative Learning Society's goal is to help people and organizations learn about the importance and the positive impact of creating balance on forming strong relationships can have on their daily lives and their bottom lines.

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  • Cupixel

    Cupixel is an art creation experience company.
    We designed products that make the experience of art creation enjoyable and accessible to everyone.
    Whether it’s a family activity, a way to relax, a chance to learn a new craft, or an opportunity to make your own artwork for your walls, Cupixel’s cutting-edge technology helps you through an art experience that is accurate, personalized, and creative. By merging augmented reality technology and premium art tools, we allow ANYONE to create stunning and accurate works of art.

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  • Daniel Chan

    As an internationally renowned, award-winning magician & mind-reader, Dan Chan presents world-class magic and mind-reading. Experience counts. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dan is regarded as one of the world’s top virtual magicians and performs at events for thought leaders and influencers. Prior to pivoting to virtual events, Dan performed 5000 plus shows worldwide. Dan Chan provides the perfect entertainment solution for savvy corporate audiences. Dan’s signature effects and pick-pocketing are legendary among Silicon Valley elite and billionaires.

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  • David John

    Making a coin disappear is the very first magic I learned. Fast forward 17 years later, I am now a professional magician and magic teacher based in Tokyo. My List of corporate clients include: Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Alibaba, McKinsey & Company, Charles Schwab, Rakuten, Tokyo American Club, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and many more. With my multilingual ability, combined with my sense of humor, I have been entertaining audiences from different age groups, backgrounds and cultures.

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  • David Sauvage

    David Sauvage is a teacher and trainer of empathy and emotional intelligence. He consults with companies to help them scale empathy and integrate EQ into their DNA. He has worked with Four Seasons Hotels to create training modules for employees and consulted with Coca-Cola on how to shift their brand message to empathy. David has also created entertaining and culture-shifting experiences around empathy. He has been featured in the Guardian, Vice, NBC News and other outlets.

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