The Great American Nosh

589 Bay Road, #181, Hamilton, MA, 01936

Pete Bendoris is a self-taught and accomplished home cook, as well as a beer and wine enthusiast. Pete’s humble culinary origins were far from gourmet. His mom’s horrible meatloaf with canned peas and his dad’s love of crappy beer compelled Pete to forge his own culinary path. As he grew into an adult, he first focused on making great tasting, simple home cooked meals, and later began to pair them with low cost, great tasting wines.

After Pete’s full-time 27-year banking career was cut short by the COVID-19 economic slowdown, he created Great American Nosh in the spring of 2020. Besides cooking, Pete is an avid gardener, homebrewer, cider maker and fledgling charcuterier. With no perfectionist ideals (or even a fancy kitchen) Pete’s genuine approach to low-stress cooking and wine pairing can work for everyone.

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